Java Collection Framework Cheatsheet

:: Collection

  1. Collection is a data structure in which Objects are stored.
  2. Objects can be Added, Deleted and can traversed in Collection.
  3. There are 4 type of basic Collection
  4. List : Ordered, Duplicates are allowed, Indexed
  5. Sets : May or may not Ordered. Duplicates are not allowed.
  6. Maps : Duplicate keys are not allowed.
  7. Queue : Ordered by FIFO or priority.
  8. ArrayList : Fast Iteration & Fast Random Access.
  9. Vector: Synchronized Method.
  10. LinkedList : Good for implementing Stack and Queue.
  11. HashSet : Fast Access, No Duplicates, No Ordering.
  12. LinkedHashSet : No Duplicates, Iterates by insertion order.
  13. TreeSet : No Duplicates, Iterates in sorted order.


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