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Despite the traditional relational DB world, a new trend is emerging which is called NoSQL. Its really hard to define NoSQL. You will get lot of information, opinions on what NoSQL is all about. This is just my understanding and research on NoSQL.

Its all about

  • Non-relational,
  • Open source,
  • Cluster friendly,
  • Schema Independent,
  • No Join,
  • Heterogeneous,
  • Humongous Volume of data,
  • Easy Development,
  • Easy Administration

and other factor such as License cost, Business Process, Organization decision plays a major role in opting for this aggregated brand of the NoSQL umbrella but relational DB’s are still very good for various scenarios and answers all our long lasting questions.

NoSQL, without ACID it is very difficult to write reliable software though it follows CAP theorem , it is clear that without ACID, the developers have to spent a significant fraction of their time building extremely complex and error-prone systems.Also, this is totally depend on business decision and use cases.

There is lot of new development and research is taking place to come out with a stable NoSQL products.There is always pros and Cons while choosing the database product but its all driven by business case, cost involved and decision taken at the management level.

There is a new mindset in my organization to try and go for NoSQL products thinking of lower expense and maintenance overhead. Most of the time during Project life cycle process may give us an insight about success or failure of the implementation.

The problem is that when you had a tremendous amount of data scattered across multiple systems it’s nearly impossible to keep SQL and ACID in this scenario. But as technology grows and matures, they are working on implementing and providing various features to provide data consistency and integrity. Also, adding SQL support to underlying data layer gives an flexibility to query the data.This is the only reason and hard to say it’s a schema-less design as it’s indirectly bound to schema.

NoSQL, the Non-Relational db is classified under Key-Value pair, Document Oriented type, Column family and Graph.

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