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Groovy IDE and editor support

You should look for Groovy support for IDE or editor of choice if u want to code in Groovy. Some editors only support syntax highlighting for Groovy. This can make Groovy code more convenient.

IntelliJ IDEA plug-in

Groovy community is developing an open-source plug-in called GroovyJ. A Groovy programmer can get the following benefits with the help of this plug-in:

  • Simple Syntax: GroovyJ currently uses Java 5’s syntax highlighter, which covers a large proportion of the Groovy syntax.
  • Code Completion: o date, code completion is limited to word completion, leveraging IDEA’s word completion based on an on-the-fly dictionary for the current editor only.
  • It can compile, run, build, and make configuration as well as output views.
  • It is efficient for Java classes in project.
  • It is efficient to handle files and groovy files as well

Groovy is dependent on on its implementation of IDEA’s Program Structure Interface (PSI) .


Eclipse plug-in

The Groovy plug-in for Eclipse requires Eclipse 3.1.1 or newer. The plug-in will also run    in Eclipse. The Groovy Eclipse plug-in has the following features:

  • Syntax highlighting for Groovy files
  • Running Groovy scripts from within the IDE
  • Auto-build of Groovy files
  • Debugger integration
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