JSP Tutorial

JSP(Java Server Pages) is a view technology which is used as VIEW in MVC. In order to complete the task, JSP uses  Taglibs(Tag Library), Expression Languages(EL) and Scriptlet to control the output of the page. Here in JSP tutorial section will find all the topics you will require to learn JSP from start to end.

Topic 1: JSP Introduction

In this tutorial series, you are going to learn about JSP and Servlets from scratch. In order to gain an understanding of JSP, you must first know about Web Applications, what are they and how do they function?

Topic 2 : Setting up Dev Env for JSP & Servlets

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup the environment and start working with JSP.

Topic 3: JSP Fundamental

Here you will learn what is the difference between JSP and Servlet.

Topic 4: JSP Scripting Element

Here you will learn about JSP scripting elements. What are the scripting elements and what is the use of these scripting elements?

Topic 5: JSP Fundamental

Topic 6 : JSP Implicit Object

Here we will talk about JSP implicit object and file inclusion in JSP.

Topic 7: JSP & HTML Form 1

Topic to cover creating HTML form and including in JSP.

Topic 8: JSP & HTML Form 2

Continued topic on HTML forms

Topic 9: JSP Session

JSP Session Objects

Topic 10: Cookies

Topic 11: JSP Tag Library

Topic 12: Installing JSTL

Topic 13: JSTL Core Tags

Topic 14: JSTL Core Tags Cont.

Topic 15: JSP Declarative 

Topic 16: JSP Directive

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