Spring DI- Constructor Injection with XML Metadata configuration

In Constructor injection spring container invokes a constructor or a static factroy method  with the number of argument. Where each arguments represents a dependency. Argument to static factory method or constructor are similar.
If no potential ambiguity exists in the constructor arguments of a bean definition, then the order in which the constructor arguments are defined in a bean definition is the order in which those arguments are supplied to the appropriate
constructor when the bean is being instantiated.

Constructor / Factory method argument resolution: There could be ambiguity in argument list to constructor or factory method.
Example: Address class has properties as

     flatNo(String type) ,
     bldgNo(String type),
     streetNo(String type),
     city (int type),
     pincode (int type)

Constructor for contact class has the properties in order of(flatNo, bldgNo, streetNo, city, pincode) OR (String, String, String, String, int)

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