December 2016

September 2016

Groovy – The concept of optional typing

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We haven’t used any explicit static typing in the way that you’re familiar with in Java. We assigned strings and numbers to variables and didn’t care about the type. Besides this, Groovy implicitly assumes these variables to be of static type java.lang.Object. […]

Groovy IDE and editor support

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You should look for Groovy support for IDE or editor of choice if u want to code in Groovy. Some editors only support syntax highlighting for Groovy. This can make Groovy code more convenient. […]

August 2016

Groovy Beginners Tutorial

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Installation The only prerequisite for installing Groovy is that you must first have a 1.4 or 1.5 or 1.6 JDK installed (available free from and the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the location of your JDK installation. […]

Compiling and Running Groovy

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We have used Groovy in direct mode. In this part, there is another way of using Groovy  is to compile it to Java byte code and running it as regular Java application code within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This is called precompiled mode. Both ways execute Groovy inside a JVM eventually, and both ways [...]