Free Selenium Tutorial : Welcome to the World of Selenium

“Hey tester, we are going live with our change of Selenium Tutorial by this weekend. Are you ready for completion?” Sounds a lot familiar right?

Do you also come across situations at your workplace where the web application that you are testing is expanding at a fast pace and the regression testing is simply becoming uncontrollable?

Are you always asked to try and test more combinations for better quality or test the same application on multiple browsers which as a result eats up all your valuable time?

Hmmm, I get it… Operational cost savings, increased test coverage, improved quality, productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction and what not!

How you wish there was a tool highly flexible having cross-browser compatibility and support for multiple programming languages without any licensing cost. You must be thinking that this can happen only in dreams.



  • Supports the execution of repeated test cases written in various PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.
  • Has MULTIPLE BROWSER and PLATFORM compatibility.
  • Makes it possible to run tests in PARALLEL, almost unattended, thus saving time and money.
  • Helps to find defects which may be missed during manual testing.
  • Has a large user base in helping communities and also a great documentation that is available online.

Oh yes, it is FREE (hurray)! Selenium is an OPEN SOURCE testing tool or to be precise, it is a suite of tools which we will see in a bit, in detail.

Before breaking the surface and taking a quick dip, let’s spare a tiny moment to understand a few things,

  • Target audience: Software Tester, Test Automation Engineer; Oh come on, any greedy Enthusiast
  • Selenium Level: Beginner (“Newbies”) and Intermediate
  • A very basic knowledge of object-oriented programming language such as Java is required
  • A step by step explanation along with screenshots and code snippets will be provided wherever required
  • Installation steps will also be covered along with necessary URLs
  • While dealing with Web Driver, Java programming language along with JUnit testing framework will be used

Sounds a lot technical?

Trust me! It’s really easy to learn Selenium and we together can prove that in a short time.

So what have I got to help us achieve this?

Selenium Tutorial Ville! Ha! A new word just popped up to me. Let’s use this instead of the traditional “List of Contents”.

With future in mind: The below is still a work in progress. Hence a full version will be materialized as we progress.

Selenium Tutorial Topics

  1. What is Selenium?
  2. Why automated testing?
  3. History of Selenium
  4. Selenium Tool Suite
  5. Browsers and Platforms supported by Selenium Tools
  6. Selenium Tools: A fight for Supremacy
  7. Selenium IDE
  1. Surprise Freebie (It’s worth the wait!)
  2. WebDriver
  3.  Selenium WebDriver Framework – Building blocks
  4. Building a selenium WebDriver framework – One step at a time
  5. Selenium RC
    • What is Selenium RC?
    • Set-up and starting the server
    • Running a test
    • When to use Selenium RC?
  6. Selenium Grid
    • What is Selenium Grid?
    • Setting Grid up
    • Running a Test
    • Other considerations
  7. Limitations of Selenium
  8. Points to ponder

Watch out this space to dive deep and discover what makes the “World of Selenium” so cool!

You will be practicing Selenium in no time. See you soon. Have a great day!


14 Comments Free Selenium Tutorial : Welcome to the World of Selenium

  1. Chaithra

    Hi Chandana,

    I am very new to selenium, I found this is more helpful but I am in confusion about how to learn, which sequence to follow. As I heard selenium is a package of tools, But I am not clear with the learning procedure. Please suggest the learning method to get entry-level jobs in selenium.


    1. Chandana Chaitanya

      Hi Chaithra,
      Thanks for the question. Yes, selenium suite is a set of tools. Loads of automation testing related open positions available for people who are skilled in Selenium WebDriver. Following the sequence mentioned here would prove beneficial. These are beginner friendly tutorials. All the very best for your learning journey!

  2. Meenakshi

    Awesome coverage on Selenium. I too read as well as write about Selenium and its applications. And this page is providing all the required info in great detail. Thanks.


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