1. What is Selenium?

Hiya let’s enter the cool World of Selenium. I keep saying that a lot of times, isn’t it? So why not understand what this World is, so that you can tell me if it’s otherwise. Also, this is going to be a short one!

Before we start writing serious test scripts and see some magic happening on our browsers, let’s take a look at what Selenium is in general, so that we can use it effectively according to our needs.

Selenium is a set of tools used to automate and test web applications. It is as simple as that!

Since it is not a single tool, it is referred to as a Suite. We have an entire post dedicated to shed some light on these robust tools which are designed to cater different testing and test environment requirements.

For deeper and better understanding, think of Selenium as an API for the web browser, i.e. manipulating the elements present in it. Even better, it is like you being able to program Firefox or Chrome or IE etc. for automating repeated manual test cases. You might be wondering how the required web or UI elements are located and captured, but you have to wait a bit longer for deciphering that!

BrainBell (Just like Barbell, whew!): Brain helps us a lot you know! When we try hard to learn something, our brain does a favor by making sure that the learning doesn’t stick. Yes, sad, but true. It will remind us of all other important things making you do an ALT+TAB or leave the room for good. So it becomes necessary for us to trick our brains into thinking that life depends on knowing Selenium and its World. Repetition, (one of the tricks, agreed it’s a little boring but still) saying the same thing in different ways, increases the chance that the content gets coded into more than one area of your brain.

Coming back, so what makes this World all the more popular and most accepted among the testing professionals?!! It is open-source, hence FREE and it gives you the capability to run your tests on multiple browser platforms.

Hope you now agree that this World is rather a cool place to be in! With that said, see you again in another post.

Have a great day!

Lakshmi Chandana is a Software professional + passion-fueled blogger + novel-reader + artist + tutor to make your day a little brighter than it was before! She is thrilled you are here! She is on a mission to make sure learning sticks but with the fun part kept intact. She uses certain tricks called BrainBells (inspired from barbells and dumbbells used for workout) to achieve this and she says, “this is not the hardest job! As once minions said, it for sure is working in a bubble wrap factory. Imagine the self-control needed!” So, dive in to explore the fun-filled World of Learning!!

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