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7f. Selenium IDE – Command, target and value

Hiya friends! Isn’t it exciting to know that we can have more control on the things we do? Yes. In the land of Magic Meadows, apart from just recording, Selenium IDE gives us the power to both insert and edit commands. What makes all this, a reality is the ‘Command/ Target/ Value Editor’.

Command Target Value Editor
As in the above image, we will mostly prefer to work in Table View as this is what makes it possible for us to create and edit Selenese commands.

Command Dropdown

  • Command is the action that we wish to perform.
  • A couple of examples here, ClickAndWait and close.
  • As we start typing in the Command section, a matching dropdown list of commands appears.
  • Also, an added advantage is, a brief description of the chosen command along with the required arguments is shown in the ‘Reference’ section.

Whew! Not really necessary to scare our brains in remembering the entire list of commands along with their syntax, required arguments and its description. Life made easier!)


As the name suggests, it is the web element where we would like to perform the action, i.e., see some magic happening. Name, Id, XPath etc. can be used to uniquely identify the required web element.


The data or the input that we would like to provide for the chosen Target is known as the Value.

For example, if we choose to perform a Google search on Selenium, then

Command will be ‘type’

Target will be the search box which can be identified say, with its ‘Id’ and

Value will be ‘Selenium’

Not really clear on what we just discussed? Absolutely nothing to worry! Because a clear picture will be obtained when we record and run our first Selenium IDE test script. And the best part is that’s what our next post is all about!

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Happy exploring! Have a great day.

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