Operators in java programming language

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In this section we will learn about Operator Precedence and Operator Associativity.

Operator Precedence

Precedence decides which operator will be evaluated first in a case where more than one operator is present in the same calculation.

Operator Precedence Table

Operators Precedence(High to Low)
postfix expr++ expr--
unary ++expr --expr +expr -expr ~ !
multiplicative * / %
additive + -
shift << >> >>>
relational < > <= >= instanceof
equality == !=
bitwise AND &
bitwise exclusive OR ^
bitwise inclusive OR |
logical AND &&
logical OR ||
ternary ? :
assignment = += -= *= /= %= &= ^= |= <<= >>= >>>=

Example of Precedence

Operator Associativity

If two operators have the same precedence in the calculation then Associativity of the operators will be used to decide which operator will be executed first.

Example of Associativity


Operators in Java

Let us discuss each operator individually.

Assignment (=) and  Arithmetic operators(+, -, *, /) work the same way as they do in other programming languages, so we will not discuss them here. The precedence for  ‘/‘  and  ‘*‘ operators is higher than sum(+) or minus() or modular division(%)

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