Apache Spark RDD

In this tutorial we'll learn about RDD (Re-silent Distributed Data sets) which is the core concept of spark. RDD is an immutable (read-only) collection of objects, distributed in the cluster. RDD can be created from storage data or from other RDD by performing any operation on it. Why RDD: In Older Map Reduce paradigm, the [...]

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8. Surprise Freebie

Hiya friends! Hope you had a great time learning Selenium IDE through this blog series. Before stepping into our next tool, Selenium WebDriver, I thought of giving you a freebie. Now that you have witnessed the power of Selenium tools to an extent, you might want to introduce this tool suite to your project for [...]

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Exception handling in Python 3.5

In this article I will introduce you to exception handling. In the previous articles in this series we use exception handling to cover some rare exception cases (remember the Guess the Number game?) and now it is time to explain how to do it in your own application — and when to do it. [...]

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7p. Selenium IDE – Other Features

There are features all around you in the Land of Magic Meadows and it is making our lives all the more easier! I agree, we have covered a ton of features already, but there are these special two that I would like to highlight at this point. Enabling experimental features In our previous post, we saw [...]

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7m. Selenium IDE – Assert and Verify

Hiya testers! Gazing into the crystal ball, I see there is a great need for assertion and verification in our day-to-day testing lives. So here we are, in the middle of nothing, dedicating one complete blog to this very topic for more brilliance. While testing web applications, we keep expecting a lot of things to [...]

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Apache Spark Introduction

In this very first tutorial of Spark we are going to have an introduction of Apache Spark and its core concept RDD. What is Apache Spark? Apache Spark is an open source general purpose cluster computational engine. Spark was born out of the necessity to prove out the concept of Mesos, in the AMPLab at [...]

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