Proxy Design Pattern

In this article I’ll write about the Proxy Design Pattern. This pattern is used to control access to resources and objects. The real value of this pattern is to reduce memory costs for objects until you really need them. […]

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JSP JSTL Core Tags – contd.

JSTL IF Tag The If tag evaluates an expression and displays its body content only if the expression evaluates to true. In the example, we are going to display “Special Discount” if a student is a gold customer. Code Example <c:if test="${tempStudent.goldCustomer}"> Special Discount </c:if> Explanation So this code basically is just checking whether a [...]

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JSP JSTL Core Tags

As you know there are five collections of tags in JSTL, in this tutorial, we are going to discuss some of the core tags in the JSTL library. Now in JSTL Core Library, there are approximately 15 tags. Let’s quickly go through them one by one. […]

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Java Date format

Here i will provide list of Java Date formats that are used in Java frequently. There are different ways you can achieve the same result in Java. 1- Using Predefined Format You can directly use DateFormat class to format date in predefined style. DateFormat has predefined 4 styles which can be used for quick formatting [...]

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