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What is the best way to know the list of Users in Linux?

There is no direct command to know the list of Users in Linux. But alternate ways are available to know the list of Users. Linux/Unix stores users Login related information in a file “/etc/passwd“. This file can be used to list down users.

$ cat /etc/passwd

Command that can be used to know logged in users

  1. who
  2. finger
  3. users

I have already logged in as Super User. Now the question is how can i logged out of Super User so that i can login as another user?

You just need to use exit command to go out of any user. and you can log in as another user by using again su command.
su <user_name>

How to login as Super or Root User in Linux?

su command  can be used to login as Super User.
Execute the Command as “su –” it will ask for super user password. If successful you will be logged in as Super User.

Now how would you know if you have logged in as Super User or not?

Check for the icon on console.

$ : Means you are not acting as root / super user.
# : Means you are acting as root / super user.

What is the difference between su and sudo?

Both are ways to gain root access. But with su you will get root access and will be switched to root access. You will be in root access until you explicitly exit from root privileged. While with sudo runs single command with root privileged. Once command runs properly you will be back in normal mode.

How to change command prompt message?

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