Java Collection Iterators

With this article we will kick-off a new series where we will look deep into Java’s different collection solutions which are available in the version 1.8. For concrete implementations (like ArrayList or TreeSet) we will give you some use-cases where these collections will excel and some cases where you should use different collections. And of [...]

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Making a Spring Boot & Thymeleaf CRUD Application

Overview In this lesson, we will demonstrate how we can use Thymeleaf in a Spring Boot based application to show data in a simple template frontend. We will be using the Spring Initializr tool for setting up the project quickly. We will also mention the dependencies present in our project if you choose to setup [...]

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Git : A beginners Guide

I am back after a long time. :). In this article i am going to talk about Git. I faced some problem when i started using git hence i am writing this article to provide you some basic stuff about Git to start with. […]

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9z. WebDriver – Window maximize

Hiya Champs! Things don’t always work the way we want them to and that’s where the challenges take their form. With Selenium Webdriver, our testing lives are made far easier than we would expect them to be. One such situation is maximizing the browser window. Screenshots are a life saver and in order to view [...]

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PHP basics

In today’s blog we will be discussing very basic things of PHP i.e. what is PHP and how does a PHP script work!! Also, we will discuss about how to install and setup PHP to run any PHP script. […]

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9y. WebDriver – Handling multiple windows

Hiya folks! Testing workflows involving multiple windows has become a part of life. And with Selenium WebDriver, smoothly switching between these open windows, has become a piece of cake. If you are like me, you are probably anxious to see how all this really works in our code. So, without further delay, let’s take a [...]

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PHP Looping

In this article, you will learn about the importance of loops and types of loops in Php. In programming, looping is used to run block of code again and again until some specific condition meet. Ultimately loops reduce human efforts, time and program length by eliminating the need of repetition of program statements. […]

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