JavaScript Class

Class Class is an object oriented programming concept, in JavaScript it’s similar to a function. Classes are just a special functions added to the ES6. But they give you more power and flexibility by assigning properties to them. Constructor A special method that represents class. It is used to create and initialize the object created …

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Design Multi-threaded Architecture

What is multi-threading? Multithreading is the ability of a program to perform multiple tasks concurrently. Multi-threading is a programming language term derived from a concept of multitasking. It is used when we want to divide our job into several independent parts. It allows the execution of multiple parts of a program at the same time. …

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Operator in JavaScript

JavaScript’s Operators Operators are used for JavaScript’s arithmetic, comparison, logical, assignment expressions and more. Most operators are represented by punctuation characters such as + and =, some, however, are represented by keyword such as delete and instanceof.

JavaScript’s Lexical Structure

A programming language’s lexical structure specifies set of some basic rules about how a code should be written in it. Rules like what variable names looks like, the delimiter characters for comments, and how one program statement is separated from the next. It is the lowest-level syntax of a language.

JavaScript Introduction for Beginners

JavaScript, the programming language of the web, is mainly a client-side scripting language, mostly used as a part of modern web browsers. It is high-level, dynamic, and multi-paradigm in nature, supporting object–oriented, imperative and functional programming styles.

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