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Declaration in JSP tutorial

As you JSP will compiled in Java file in the end and everything written in JSP will fall under a method(Service) in generated java file. What if you want to add Java code in JSP which should directly be added inside service method in generated file. To fullfil this criteria JSP declaration will be used.

Getting Started with JSP

JSP(Java Server Pages) is a view technology which allows to write template text in client side languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others, instead of Java itself(Which is true for Servlet). To achieve this JSP supports Taglibs(Backed by Java code), Expression Languages and Scriptlet to control theoutput of page. In the end a JSP becomes… Continue reading

JSP Expression

Expression is a type of JSP element which is used to embed Java code in JSP. Container takes the argument of expression (everything written between <%=  %>) and put it in as the argument to PrintWriter out which will print on JSP.

JSP Basics

A JSP becomes a servlet. You don’t directly create servlet, it is generated by Container only. Container takes what you have written in your JSP, translates it into a servlet class source file then compiles that into a java servlet class. And this code would execute in the same as it were written in java file.