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Spring IoC tutorial

What is IoC (Inversion of Control) IoC is a process to define the dependency on Other Object(Objects they will work with). In the normal scenario, we first inject the dependency and then create the bean(Using New keyword) but in this case, we will first create the bean and then inject the dependencies hence it is… Continue reading

Spring Bean tutorial

Spring IoC container manages beans. Container create or configure these beans through configuration metadata provided by any of 3 ways(XML, Annotation, Java based). These beans are represented as BeanDefinition Object inside container. This BeanDefinition object contains several metadata information on how bean should be created. When ever container get a request to create an Object(Named… Continue reading

Spring Bean Overview

Spring IoC container can manager more then one beans. Beans are created with details provided via metadata configuration to container(via Java code, Java Annotation, XML). Bean Definitions are represented as the Object of BeanDefinition which contains the several metadata information. Properties those are part of BeanDefinitions are

Spring 3 IoC Container Overview

In this tutorial we will check the overview of Spring IoC Container. Interface org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext represents the Spring IoC container and is responsible for instantiating, configuring, and assembling the beans. But how and from where container gets information like which Object to Instaniate, how to configure and assemble it.