Create web application in eclipse using Servlets and JSP

Here we will learn to create web application in Eclipse using Servlets and JSP.

Open Eclipse IDE.

Go to File >> New >> Other

Select a Wizard” screen will get displayed.

Select “Dynamic Web Project” from Wizard screen and click Next.

In the next screen provide the name of project as “JBT_ServletsExample” and click Next and again Next.

IN “Web Module ” section you will see that “Generate web.xml deployement descriptor” checkbox

Is uncheck. This is a default behavior if you are using 3.0 web module. Select it and click Finish.

Now your Web application is created successfully. Structure of the application would be something like below.

Now your Web project is created you can create First Servlet with it.

Select source folder(src) and right click and go to New >> Package.

Here package wizard create jbt package.

Create First Servlet

Select the newly created package and go to New >> Other. From the Wizard create Servlet.

Click finish. Servlet must have been created in jbt package.

Final Structure of web application would be

In the Next tutorial we will learn to Create Hello World Servlet and see how to generate proper output on FE and also what entry do we need to

Make in web.xml to make it work.

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