How to connect to remote system using Eclipse IDE

Here in this article, we will learn to connect to a remote machine using Eclipse IDE.

Tools Used: Eclipse Juno

Remote System Explorer

The Remote System Explorer (RSE) is a perspective and toolkit in Eclipse Workbench, which allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems with predefined plug-ins.

RSE helps you in

  • Connect to the remote system
  • Browse remote file systems
  • Edit and save remote files
  • Transfer files between hosts
  • Remote File search
  • Execute commands
  • Work with processes.

Step 1: Open Remote Systems Perspective

In order to connect to a remote system first, we need to open the Remote Systems Perspective. To open given perspective click Window >> Open Perspective >> Other. Once opened select the desired perspective.


Once opened Eclipse IDE will look like below.


Step 2: Define a Connection to Remote System

The next step would be to define a new connection to the Remote System. In the RSE Perspective, Remote Systems View, press the New Connection button.


Step 2: Select Remote System Type

Once the above button clicked, a new window will be opened like below.


Eclipse IDE supports different system types to connect.

  • FTP Only: Connection for FTP access to remote systems
  • Linux: Any distribution of LINUX
  • Local: Local file system on this computer
  • SSH Only: Connection for SSH access to remote systems.
  • Telnet Only: Connection for Telnet access to remote systems.
  • UNIX: Any distribution of UNIX.
  • Windows: Any version of Microsoft Windows

Select the remote system (FTP Only in this case) from the given window and click Next.

Step 3: Provide System Connection Details

Once the remote system type is selected, the next part would be to provide connection details(HOSTName) in the next Screen as below (FTP only). And click Finish.


Step 4: Connect to Remote System

If everything is fine then a new Remote connection will be created in Remote Systems View as shown below.


Now select the connection and right click then choose “Connect” option from the menu.


Provide User ID and PWD in the popup window and click OK.


If everything is fine Eclipse should be connected to the Remote machine and you can check the output in the Console view.

6 Comments How to connect to remote system using Eclipse IDE

  1. Darwin

    I want to connect to putty in which i want to use a application which is running in putty.Can you tell me ways how can i establish connection?

    1. Vivekanand Gautam


      Check the error carefully. Problem is with remote system and not eclipse. Daemon thread is not running on remote system. Before trying from Eclipse try to connect to remote ststem using any SSH client like putty. If you can connect using Putty then there should not be any problem while connecting using Eclipse.


  2. ppk

    I have finished all the steps as you mentioned above. But i didn’t get the output in console windows its showing error as : Daemon Failed to lauch server on using port 0. pls help how to solve this.


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