Hadoop can be run in 3 different modes. Different modes of Hadoop are

Standalone Mode

  1. Default mode of Hadoop
  2. HDFS is not utilized in this mode.
  3. Local file system is used for input and output
  4. Used for debugging purpose
  5. No Custom Configuration is required in 3 hadoop(mapred-site.xml,core-site.xmlhdfs-site.xml) files.
  6. Standalone mode is much faster than Pseudo-distributed mode.

Pseudo Distributed Mode(Single Node Cluster)

  1.  Configuration is required in given 3 files for this mode
  2. Replication factory is one for HDFS.
  3. Here one node will be used as Master Node / Data Node / Job Tracker / Task Tracker
  4. Used for Real Code to test in HDFS.
  5. Pseudo distributed cluster is a cluster where all daemons are
    running on one node itself.


Fully distributed mode (or multiple node cluster)

  1. This is a Production Phase
  2. Data are used and distributed across many nodes.
  3. Different Nodes will be used as Master Node / Data Node / Job Tracker / Task Tracker


How to Switch from One Mode to Another Mode


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