August 2016

7d. Selenium IDE – Know your IDE features

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Welcome back to Magic Meadows! Today we will be diving in to know more about the features of the Selenium IDE that we installed with the help of my previous post, “Breaking the Surface: A First Look”. For reference, I am going to paste the first look image that we saw some time back, [...]

July 2016

6. Selenium Tools: A fight for Supremacy

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Just like us testers fighting for supremacy among the lot, Selenium Tools have also been in a very similar battle in order to prove themselves, the best! Let’s see what exactly is going amidst them… Selenium IDE – The All-Time Leader especially for Selenium beginners It has been boasting that Selenium IDE is the simplest [...]

5. Browsers and Platforms supported by Selenium Tools

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Welcome back to yet another Selenium post and today we are going to find out the browsers, operating systems, programming languages and testing frameworks supported by Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and WebDriver. Browsers Selenium IDE Selenium RC WebDriver Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Partial support for other browsers Internet Explorer, [...]

4. Selenium Tool Suite

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Hiya friends! Time for another BrainBell – Images! The more we learn by visualizing, the better we remember and recall it at a future time. Who doesn’t like images and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So this blog post is going to be all Images! I am presenting a [...]

3. History of Selenium

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Hiya! Ready for some time travel into the past? Get set to be stunned by the gems you will be unearthing today. Long time ago, in the year 2004, there was this guy named Jason Huggins from ThoughtWorks, Chicago.  He built Core mode of Selenium as “JavaScriptTestRunner” to verify the behavior of the web application [...]

2. Why automated testing?

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Welcome back warriors! I know you fight all day long testing the application/system, finding bugs if any. Thereby ensuring promised quality. Also, you would have heard of the term, “Automated Testing” a huge number of times. Let’s see what it means and why we should really care about it. Moreover, why invest our valuable time [...]

June 2016

1. What is Selenium?

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Hiya let’s enter the cool World of Selenium. I keep saying that a lot of times, isn’t it? So why not understand what this World is, so that you can tell me if it’s otherwise. Also, this is going to be a short one! Before we start writing serious test scripts and see some magic [...]