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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 29, 2016

7a. Selenium IDE - Introduction, benefits and limitations

Selenium takes us to new places and it is time for us to know more about the World we are going to live in – the World of Selenium.  It has four major parts viz.,

  • The Magic Meadows of Selenium IDE popularly known as “The All-Time Leader for Selenium beginners”
  • The Diversity Delta of Selenium RC which got famous as “The Superman of the Series”
  • The Southern Surprises of WebDriver which is “The Ruling Champ”
  • The Cluster Channel of Selenium Grid which is our “I-Am-There-For-You Champ”
Off to Magic Meadows! Let’s leave this dusty old manual testing World for good. Oh don’t worry, we can always send a snail mail.

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 25, 2016

6. Selenium Tools: A fight for Supremacy

Just like us testers fighting for supremacy among the lot, Selenium Tools have also been in a very similar battle in order to prove themselves, the best! Let’s see what exactly is going amidst them… Selenium IDEThe All-Time Leader especially for Selenium beginners

  • It has been boasting that Selenium IDE is the simplest framework in the whole available suite and it has all rights to do so. It is the easiest one to learn as well.
  • No programming experience is required (minimal knowledge on HTML would be appreciated though!)
  • Very easy to install and start some action.
  • Simple record and playback tool.
  • Used as a plug-in and works only with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Provides a good support for extensions.
  • Helps in exporting tests that can be executed in Selenium RC and WebDriver.

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 18, 2016

5. Browsers and Platforms supported by Selenium Tools

Welcome back to yet another Selenium post and today we are going to find out the browsers, operating systems, programming languages and testing frameworks supported by Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and WebDriver. Browsers

Selenium IDESelenium RCWebDriver
Mozilla FirefoxInternet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Partial support for other browsersInternet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, HtmlUnit, Phantomjs, Android, iOS

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 12, 2016

4. Selenium Tool Suite

Hiya friends! Time for another BrainBellImages! The more we learn by visualizing, the better we remember and recall it at a future time. Who doesn’t like images and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So this blog post is going to be all Images! I am presenting a very high level idea of the Components of Selenium in a visual manner. Because imagery makes learning even more interesting and fun filled.

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 6, 2016

3. History of Selenium

Hiya! Ready for some time travel into the past? Get set to be stunned by the gems you will be unearthing today. Long time ago, in the year 2004, there was this guy named Jason Huggins from ThoughtWorks, Chicago.  He built Core mode of Selenium as "JavaScriptTestRunner" to verify the behavior of the web application he was testing, Time and Expenses application. He built it in a way that people could write tests using a keyword-driven approach in HTML files. Slowly he started giving demos of his tool to huge audiences. Soon there were discussions to open source the tool and also make it a re-usable framework for the benefit of automating other such web based applications. So that’s the story of Selenium Core. Core had a few limitations though, like 'same origin policy'. Okay Big Word Alert! Let's first understand what an origin is.

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
July 1, 2016

2. Why automated testing?

Welcome back warriors! I know you fight all day long testing the application/system, finding bugs if any. Thereby ensuring promised quality. Also, you would have heard of the term, “Automated Testing” a huge number of times. Let’s see what it means and why we should really care about it. Moreover, why invest our valuable time and effort in creating automated tests? (Let me tell you a secret here: Though we use a tool to achieve automation, there definitely is a significant effort involved. So we shall get into this only if it is worth our effort!)

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
June 27, 2016

1. What is Selenium?

Hiya let’s enter the cool World of Selenium. I keep saying that a lot of times, isn’t it? So why not understand what this World is, so that you can tell me if it’s otherwise. Also, this is going to be a short one! Before we start writing serious test scripts and see some magic happening on our browsers, let’s take a look at what Selenium is in general, so that we can use it effectively according to our needs. Selenium is a set of tools used to automate and test web applications. It is as simple as that!

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Posted by Chandana Chaitanya
June 25, 2016

Free Selenium Tutorial : Welcome to the World of Selenium

“Hey tester, we are going live with our change of Selenium Tutorial by this weekend. Are you ready for completion?” Sounds a lot familiar right? Do you also come across situations at your workplace where the web application that you are testing is expanding at a fast pace and the regression testing is simply becoming uncontrollable? Are you always asked to try and test more combinations for better quality or test the same application on multiple browsers which as a result eats up all your valuable time? Hmmm, I get it… Operational cost savings, increased test coverage, improved quality, productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction and what not! How you wish there was a tool highly flexible having cross-browser compatibility and support for multiple programming languages without any licensing cost. You must be thinking that this can happen only in dreams. But no, wait, SELENIUM HAS COME TO YOUR RESCUE!!!

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