Angular Beginners Tutorial

What is Angular JS? The Angular JS is a client side framework which is developed by Google and it is written in javascript with a reduced jQuery library which is known as query lite. The Angular JS provides a framework that helps us to implement well designed and structured web pages and applications using an [...]

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Groovy – The concept of optional typing

We haven’t used any explicit static typing in the way that you’re familiar with in Java. We assigned strings and numbers to variables and didn’t care about the type. Besides this, Groovy implicitly assumes these variables to be of static type java.lang.Object. […]

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7j. Selenium IDE – Debugging

Hiya testers! Welcome back to yet another explore-along post on our All-Time Leader for Selenium beginners, “Selenium IDE”!! It’s time to follow closely to get a hold on debugging. Our goal is ambitious but we are going to take one step at a time. First off, what is debugging? It is identifying and fixing any [...]

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Linked Lists

What is a linked list? The Linked Lists is another data structure and is also a common data structure which includes a group of nodes in a sequence which is divided in two parts and each node consists of data and the address part of the next node and forms a chain. It is used [...]

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