Linked Lists

What is a linked list? The Linked Lists is another data structure and is also a common data structure which includes a group of nodes in a sequence which is divided in two parts and each node consists of data and the address part of the next node and forms a chain. It is used [...]

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Groovy Beginners Tutorial

Installation The only prerequisite for installing Groovy is that you must first have a 1.4 or 1.5 or 1.6 JDK installed (available free from and the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the location of your JDK installation. […]

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Compiling and Running Groovy

We have used Groovy in direct mode. In this part, there is another way of using Groovy  is to compile it to Java byte code and running it as regular Java application code within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This is called precompiled mode. Both ways execute Groovy inside a JVM eventually, and both ways [...]

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