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Spring autowiring by type

In Previous article we have learned that Spring support different type of autowiring. One of them is byType. Autowiring byType means whenever spring finds any property to be autowired, it will search for exactly one bean of given property type in container. If Spring find one(unique bean) it will autowire it. If it doesn’t find… Continue reading

Spring Autowiring

Spring container autowire relationship between different beans. Whenever we create a bean in Spring (In configuration file). Spring will check the dependency of that bean and inject the dependency @ run-time  Spring will identify @ run-time which bean to inject by different mechanism, It is called Autowiring.

Declaration in JSP tutorial

As you JSP will compiled in Java file in the end and everything written in JSP will fall under a method(Service) in generated java file. What if you want to add Java code in JSP which should directly be added inside service method in generated file. To fullfil this criteria JSP declaration will be used.